On Faith and Fishing

James McGrath recently wrote a short post over at Exploring Our Matrix looking at faith as a human need. Using the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen as a jumping off point, McGrath briefly explores faith and ends his post asking, “…do you think that faith of some sort is a necessary component of human life, even for those who may reject religious faith?”

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On the Books Men Must Read (Project Introduction)

This post is a revisiting of something I wrote on a previous blog.

I breached it, for the first time, in one of my previous posts. The topic of masculinity has been an interest of mine since my undergrad days. About a year ago, I set about the project of reading a collection of books described as “books every man must read.” I drew my list from two sources: Esquire and The Art of Manliness. With lists of 75 and 100, respectively, I had a veritable library to make my way through in the hopes of discovering their manly lessons.

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On the Subtleties of Christian Privilege (and Its Blatant Forms)

There is a branch of Christian commentator that, whenever Americans are beset by tragedy, starts playing the blame game. All tragedies, be they natural or human-made, are the fault of gays, liberals, atheists, and the removal of prayer from school. Or, more accurately, they are the fault of God, who is upset because of gays, liberals, atheists, and the removal of prayer from school.

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