On Being Freshly Pressed (Lunch break edition)


I left for work, this morning, thinking: “Cool, I got 5 hits yesterday.” I got to work and saw that I had 185 hits today. In my 20 minute journey to work, one of my posts was freshly pressed, and all hell is breaking loose.

Truth be told, I feel a little embarrassed.

Welcome to my little blog. Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting.



  1. the_lunatic · August 15, 2012


  2. A Spare Mind · August 15, 2012

    haha. applauding embarrassment! fresh pressing might even trump french pressing. the jury is still out, though. congrats all the same.

    • thecaveatlector · August 17, 2012

      Thanks so much. My two cents is coffee always trumps blogging.

  3. Anna Harte · August 17, 2012

    Truth be told, I love that your post was outside the norm re: their usual selections. Hope that’s not fueling the embarrassment — you should take extra pride in being more risqué than food or travel photos! 🙂

    • thecaveatlector · August 17, 2012

      Thanks! The embarrassment was more about suddenly having so many people reading my blog than the content. I was definitely beaming that whole day.

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