In light of my recent post on anti-Muslim groups in the United States and this weeks protests in Egypt and Libya, I wanted to share a couple responses worth seeing.

First, Nancy Shehata, at Muslimah in Progress, wrote an excellent post. Her sentiments are summed up when she writes:

I am so god damned tired of this.  Sorry, I just can’t find any literary way to put that.  I am so god damned tired of Muslims allowing themselves to be manipulated by a god damned low-budget stupid YOUTUBE VIDEO.  This low-rent video was put together by a few bigoted individuals who should have been ignored.  Instead, they have found fame in infamy.  Their worthless little film was used by “radical Muslims” to pull the strings of ignorant puppets, to whip up a crowd into a frenzied mob, to incite people to murder.  I am shocked but not surprised by the film.  I am horrified and really, really pissed off at my Muslim brothers.

Go read the whole post.

Lastly, residents of Benghazi have shared their own response to violence.