On Movember, Day -1

November is on the doorstep, and that means I’m going to start growing a moustache for Movember.

What is Movember?

Akin to the Pink Ribbon movement focusing on breast cancer awareness, Movember aims to bring awareness and support to men’s health concerns. During the month of November, participants in Movember grow a moustache (the mo). More importantly, it is a time to provide information about men’s health and encourage men to be proactive about their health.

Why am I participating?

First and foremost, I have to give credit to Le Clown. He has organized Bloggers for Movember. It is his clarion call that I am answering.

On a more personal level, if I am being honest, I probably don’t do a great job of taking care of my own health. On the positive side, I do a lot of walking, and I play in a couple rec. soccer leagues. On the negative side, I don’t eat all that healthy, I don’t have a general practitioner nor had a check up pretty much ever, and I’m a regular enough smoker to be concerned. So, as much as I want to do my small part in spreading the word about Movember and the health issues facing men, I also need to pull my own weight in taking care of my own health.

What Else Will I Be Doing During Movember?

Aside from growing a fine mo, I will be blogging about issues related to men’s health: both in general and my own. As I mentioned above, I can be a more healthy bro, so I figure a good way to hold myself accountable is to make the process public.

Most importantly: because I will be providing a daily update (check the sidebar) on the progress of the moustache, I will likely become a master of the selfie.

Of Course You Can Help…

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a movement without the option to donate. So, over on the left you’ll see an image of a moustache (go ahead and look). That will link to my Movember page where you can donate to the causes Movember supports.

Likewise, you can comment on any of my Movember posts. Flattery will go a long way.

Lastly, come on, this is about men’s health. There’s bound to be a man you know. Encourage him to be healthy. If, on the off chance you don’t know a man, go stand in the doorway of a coffee shop. It is very likely that a man will cross your path. Introduce yourself and encourage him to be healthy.

The Moustache

Now, the burning question is, what kind of moustache will I grow? I guess the honest answer is: whatever ends up growing. However, I do plan to manage the mo a bit. After much internal debate on how to tame the mo, I have decided to keep it simple and go with the Connery:

There are three main reasons for this choice:

(1) We’re both of Scottish decent (mine a bit more distant than his)
(2) I have a similar balding pattern as Sean Connery
(3) He’s pretty darned handsome, and I hope to magically channel some of that through the mo.

Well, that’s about it. Carry on, my wayward sons. And remember: Knowledge is power. Moustache is king.


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