On Making Lemonade

Ever read a news headline that makes you ashamed to live in the country you do? Normally, such headlines are just met with eye rolls, face palms, and comments on facebook.

However, the Iowa Supreme Court has graciously given us Americans cause for shame in a way that we can use to score some quick romantic points. Keep reading to find out how.

In 3 Easy Steps

Here’s what you need to do:

(1) Email or text your significant other saying: “I just saw a news report, and I’m worried that you might lose your job.”

(2) When he or she writes back asking you to explain and to share the news report, say: “The Iowa Supreme Court upheld as legal the only reason a company would ever fire you.”

(3) With the line above, include a link to this article about the Iowa Supreme Court upholding that a boss can fire an employee for being “irresistible.”

Step 4

(4) Now that you are reaping the benefits, pay your due and write the Iowa Supreme Court to let them know this was a ludicrous decision.

I always had a hunch, but it was nice for the defendant’s lawyer to confirm the legal grounding: discrimination against women is a family value.


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