On Stuff Going on Since I’ve Been Away

A lot has happened since I last posted here. Shame on me.

Instead of trying to cover it all in detail, I’m going to review it all with my two line responses. If there is one thing I’ve learned from effective communication, it is that brevity never fails.


Trayvon Martin is shot and killed.

Chomsky calls obscurantist theorists like Lacan and Zizek charlatans. Thus begins the flame war of the year.


My mom’s birthday! ‘Nuff said.


The Thaw. The fact that all students are no longer required to pray to the Christian God in public schools is provided as evidence of persecution of Christians. If only there was an easily accessible place for Christians to gather and discuss their faith, some of this hardship faced by American Christians might be alleviated.

I restart Five Degrees of Wikipedia with my friend, Ben.


Tony Jones is not a racist! Here’s a good sign you’re a racist: when someone suggests something you said was borderline racist, instead of trying to figure out why that person experienced your comment as racist, your response is to reject that person out of hand.

Pope says atheists who do good are redeemed. Hot damn. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

Vatican says atheists cannot go to heaven. Nevermind.

The Bikini Question. Apparently, it is a woman’s responsibility to ensure I am not enticed. Purity culture is fucked up.


Exodus International closes, and founder Alan Chambers offers an apology. Holy shit, I didn’t see this coming. And round of applause to Mr. Chambers.

SCOTUS overturns key part of Voting Rights Act. It is about time, right. It’s not like we live in times when being black and carrying candy puts you at risk of being shot. Oh, wait.

SCOTUS overturns DOMA and remands Hollingsworth. If homophobic fear mongering is correct, I’m pretty sure we’ve got polygamy, bestiality, and Nazism to look forward to in the near future.


George Zimmerman was found not guilty of the charges before him in his killing of Trayvon Martin. Perhaps the correct legal decision, but you’re left with a giant sense of injustice rotting in the pit of your stomach.

George Zimmerman helps save family from a burning car. You’re not off the hook yet, Zimmerman. But it’s a step in the right direction.

Zizek says Chomsky is empirically wrong. Ironically, Zizek wasn’t using ’empirically’ in an ironic sense.

Chomsky says Zizek’s response is pure fantasy. I suggest we officially nickname this flame war the ‘Melodrama in Ljubljana.’

Lastly, check out Anthony B Susan. Awesome blog.

I’m sure there’s stuff I left off.

Carry on my wayward son.


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