On the Books Men Must Read (Project Adjustments)

A year and a half ago, I set out to read a series of books deemed must reads for men. I was going to chronicle this project on this blog. Well, aside from the introduction of the project, I haven’t posted a thing.

If you haven’t read the introduction, I suggest giving it a look to see my objectives. But, in short, I envisioned myself writing interesting reviews of the novels while using them as launching points to discuss issues relating to men and masculinity. This ambition, as it turns out, has been my downfall. I’ve been reading the books, but I never completed my first review. I worked on it last October, November, December, January…. Each time, I would start over, trying a new angle. Each time the result was way too long and way too boring.

So, I’m going to pare down my ambition to something much more manageable. Doing two books at a time, I will provide brief commentary on the novel and a lesson for men.

Part one should be out soon. Carry on, my wayward son.


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