On What I Am Now Calling “Jeff’s Great Rivalry”* (Until I Come Up With A Better Name)

Here’s Daniel Fincke questioning the ethical quality of Terry Firma’s approach to criticizing religion.

Here (I totally stole the link from Daniel Fincke’s post) is Vlad Chituc on the same topic.

*Though I haven’t thought up a clever name yet (like the Melodrama in Ljubljana), I’ve written a few times about the questionable approach taken by Terry Firma and Sam Harris when offering critiques of religion (here and here are two good examples). So, I figure, to help drum up controversy, I’m declaring an official rivalry between myself and the combined forces of Sam Harris and Terry Firma (don’t sweat the details).

Vlad Chituc, coincidentally, also commented on the violent Islam posts of my rivals.


Other Thoughts:

Obviously, the rivalry thing is mostly tongue-in-cheek (mostly), but Fincke’s post does a good job of explaining how the approach is harmful.

If you have suggestions for the name of my new, public, intellectual rivalry, please submit them in the comments section. (Bonus points for good alliteration.)



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